Super Host Status!

While we have had some ups and downs when it comes to quality of guests, overall, Cottage West is performing well, despite it being the off-season. And now, with four months of hosting under out belt, and a new designation of Super Host status conferred to us by Airbnb, I am able to look to the future with more confidence.

The recent win by the Kansas City Chiefs brought an unexpected early February bonus to us as well. Not just one, but TWO guests, back to back, both attending the parade. One set of guests spent the night before at Cottage West so they could get an early start for best placement at the parade, and the second set of guests parked in front, walked to the parade, and spent the night after at Cottage West.

And both of our guests sent over personal messages to me saying how much they loved Cottage West.

I love that. But you know what I love more? The fact that it is effortless now. I make money, spend maybe 30 minutes cleaning up after a guest, and most folks are thrilled to stay there.

It was a hell of a lot of work, and a lot of money, but when I look at the big picture, it was so worth it. We did it right, pretty much from the get go.

Give people what they expect, and then add a little on top. It honestly doesn’t take much.

For example, last night we had six stay there. I do say it is for five people, there were four adults and two kids and so every blanket was needed, along with two additional pillows. They didn’t have to ask me for anything extra, because it was all there in the Cottage waiting for them.

I’ve had a friend or two mention that they thought I was spending so much that I would never make a profit – but the opposite is true. I’ll make a profit because my guests every need is being met and that makes them want to return. It makes them want to tell others about Cottage West.

In fact, check out what one of the recent guests wrote:

Now isn’t that a fantastic review?!

Every minute, every hour, every penny that we spent, will end up paying us incredible dividends. By my ultra-conservative estimates, if only earning off-season income (as we have the past four months), we would have our investment paid off in a maximum of seven years.
And again, that’s an ultra conservative estimate of potential income. If I figure in better income, the likes of which we will see during the active spring, summer and early fall months – our initial investment could be recouped in less than three years.

That might seem like a long time, but not when you consider that I plan on renting these properties out for the rest of my life – at least another 30-40 years. I won’t necessarily do short-term rentals, I do hope to return Cottage West to the rental market and help ensure that good people have the ability to rent decent homes in the area. But that will be after our investment costs are paid off.

As we ease into our 50s, life is looking good. I plan on having the Airstream Airbnb up and running by this summer and we will turn our sights to getting Cottage East finished by the end of next year.

Meanwhile, if you or yours wants to stay in a comfortable, well-stocked bungalow just minutes from the stadiums, downtown Kansas City, the Convention Center, the Sprint Center, and so much more – I hope you will consider coming to see us!

A week blocked Off for improvements

I took a natural lull in between guests and blocked it off for some improvement and fixes to Cottage West.

This includes painting, caulking, and rebuilding the shower ring that one of our guests severely bent.


It also gave me a great excuse to create this beauty…

This is the entry table in the living room. It isn’t completely finished yet, but it is well on its way. This is only my third official decorative stain project, but wowza, it’s definitely going to be an eye-catcher!

As always, my mission is to create a fabulous place for people to stay. I want them to feel like they have gotten MORE than just a place to sleep, but a home that has visually interesting components that are welcoming and impressive.

And who knows, I might actually make some additional money at it as well. More on that in a minute.

Instead of adding a third bedroom to the upstairs attic, or making the basement into an additional Airbnb studio with separate entrance, I have a couple of new ideas for the spaces.

Attic Sound Studio

I need a place to record my writing into audio and the attic could serve as the perfect place. Instead of worrying about kids or family or dogs making noise at the worst time possible, or dealing with heat or cold up in the attic of our house, I could ask my husband to build me a basic sound studio (I’m sure he will be over the moon to deal with yet another “honey do” project, lol). The attic in Cottage West is within the heating and cooling envelope, so I wouldn’t have hot/cold issues while up there. I could simply record around the Airbnb guest schedule, thereby utilizing the space in down times.

Basement Work Room

I have been scouting out inexpensive furniture on Facebook Marketplace and considering upcycling them into pieces of art like the Tree of Life table above or my kitchen island design below.

I love my kitchen island!

So it makes sense to have an area that I can do this work in. I can work in the basement of Cottage West, even when guests are there, since there is a separate entrance and the basement has great lighting. It could even, with a little work, double as a showroom for the pieces once they are complete.

And if it doesn’t work out to sell them, well, I’ve got a great space for creating works of furniture art for the Cottages and our own home. And enough room that we could move any bigger equipment (table saws, etc) over and have room for a workbench for my husband to use for our own home projects!

I feel very lucky to have so much space to create in!

Improvements (and some setbacks) Abound

As I mentioned in my last post, we had shut down Cottage West in order to get the bathtub resurfaced. I had never had it done, so I was nervous as to how it would go.

After all, $450 is a chunk of change, and I hoped it was going to get done right.

Imagine soaking in this tub with some bubbles and a glass of wine.

I think it turned out AMAZING. What do you think?!

In addition, after having dealt with the toilet we had put in, mainly seeing that it often took two flushes to get things down, I decided to bite the bullet and get a low-flow, high capacity, skirted toilet – the same as what I had placed in our own main floor bathroom after my elderly dad destroyed the other one.

And while I still cannot wrap my head around how in the world that toilet ended up looking so bad, it was a nice improvement to put in the new skirted toilet.

As a house cleaner, I appreciate easier to clean surfaces, and a skirted toilet means there are no annoying knobs to clean around. Nothing to catch hair, dirt, et cetera. It’s dual-flush aspect was very nice as well, allowing for less water usage since water costs continue to skyrocket here.

We haven’t put it in yet, but I’m crossing my fingers that my husband will get it done while I’m gone in Las Vegas next week.

Hm, perhaps I should do more than just cross fingers…perhaps issue an edict?!

The Smell of Gas?

It’s never good when a guest smells gas and is concerned. In fact, so concerned that they book another location and want a full refund for two nights.

When I arrived, just moments after they had sent a message saying they were booking somewhere else and left, I entered Cottage West and smelled…nothing.

Which isn’t to say that the gas smell wasn’t there, just that I didn’t smell it. They had aired the house out a bit, though, and it was apparently enough to remove it from my range of smells, but not the wife’s.

We even called in the fire department – partially out of concern, and partially to cover our butts. The fire department found nothing out of the ordinary. They used their sensors to determine that the gas stove was not burning as cleanly as it could be, and suggested that a good tune-up would be a good investment.

I put myself in their shoes and issued the guest a full refund nonetheless. That hurt, though, because it was a two night stay. I doubt I will get a guest in for tomorrow, so it was a painful lesson.

We will get the stove tuned up and also turn it off, turning it on at guest request. After all, having the pilot on and burning wastes gas, hikes up our utility bills, and most guests won’t even want to use the oven! We have a microwave and toaster oven in addition to the stove, so guests have plenty of options.

Our First Month As An Airbnb

Wow, a month has passed since we hosted our first guest and we have been trucking right along, with over nine guests in just four weeks!

What We Have Learned

Really, most of what we learned happened in the first week. Between the first guest filling the house with the smell of weed and cigarettes, and one of the first four guests flushing a tampon down the pipes and causing a $100 blockage in the pipes, we learned that signs are our friends.

I’ve also learned that most guests are fine with never meeting us. I tell them all that we are just down the street if they need anything, but most have been quite happy with coming and going without any interaction.

Our 5th guest, in for a fencing competition, was the exception. He wandered out into the yard while I was busy building the side path towards the Airstream. He was young and lives in New York and he was quite interested in meeting our dogs and asked if he could see inside the Airstream. It was a mess. It isn’t finished obviously, but he liked it and really enjoyed petting the dogs.

Later he asked if I would mind printing a document for him so he could sign it, scan it and send it back. He loved seeing the inside of our house. “You don’t see many houses this size back East,” he said.

Nope, I’ll bet he doesn’t. Can you imagine how expensive our 3,500 square foot house would be in New York City? Heck, Cottage West would be a pretty penny as well!

All in all, we have had very good experiences. Not everyone is going to be a great guest, not everyone will be happy with their stay, but I have a strong feeling that most will enjoy visiting Cottage West and want to come back.

What We Have Earned

By mid-October, less than two weeks in, we had grossed nearly $550. By the end of the month, we saw $1,538 of gross income. And we’re in the beginning of the off-season! That’s exciting when you compare it to potential rental income.

Rent for a two bedroom one bath house would be around $600-$700 per month around here. It would be higher if we lived north of Independence Avenue. The Avenue serves as a sort of economic dividing line, go south of it and the rents, and property values, are significantly cheaper.

Changes and Improvements

Our last guest checked out today and we have blocked off the calendar for the next four days as we have the clawfoot bathtub resurfaced.

Our third guest mentioned in private comments that the bathtub would look better if it wasn’t stained, and I noticed that someone had marked us down for bathroom cleanliness (despite it being clean as a whistle) and realized that if I didn’t want to have folks complaining the bathtub wasn’t clean, I needed to make it look better. Heck, it was clean enough to eat off of, but that didn’t matter, it looked stained and therefore could be considered “dirty.”

It will cost $425, but if it makes the cleanliness go up to five stars than it will be well worth it!

One day to do the procedure and three more days to cure. We’ll be back in business by the weekend!

I got a discount of $125 by lumping it in with our old kitchen sink in the main house. I’m looking forward to that sink looking amazing. It’s pitted, stained, and in desperate need of improvement.

Keeping the Neighbors Happy

It is important for us to maintain good neighbor relations. In the last weekend of October, the neighbors who sold us the house we live in, asked us when we would be tackling the massive amount of weeds on the far side of Cottage East.

Despite laying down bricks, the weeds had grown through the bricks in abundance. And despite our best intentions, doing something about it had not been a priority compared to the other list of “to-do’s” but keeping our neighbors happy superseded my plans to work on the pathway on the west side of the house down to the fire pit and the Airstream.

So instead, we spent the weekend pulling out the weeds, clearing the backyard of Cottage East of construction debris, and re-laying the bricks in a 90-degree herringbone pattern and adding mortar in between the spaced bricks. This will eliminate weeds for a long period of time, up to five years, and we just need to maintain it with weed killer once they start popping up.

I asked pretty please for some help from them. We had two trees and a bush right on the property line. It was in our way, and in theirs as well, and they had some heavy machinery that could make short work of the vegetation and make their future fence holes easier to dig.

Later, as the husband came around to talk with us, he mentioned he had seen folks leaving Cottage West with bags. “I guess you’ve been renting it out then, right?”

I told him our goal was that he would see very little coming and going, “I would prefer you wonder if there was someone there than there be some party or disturbance that removes all doubt.”

Our goal has always been to operate a rental that is respectful of our neighbors and our community. After all, we live here too! I want to bring business into the area, while not calling attention to it. There are families with small children, hard-working peaceful neighbors in this neighborhood and they deserve peace and quiet.

Being Financially Responsible

I’ve devised a way to handle the income we receive from Cottage West. The amounts all go into our Rental Income savings account for the entire month, without being touched.

I keep track of all expenses paid out during the month of October, which came to $386.20 (utilities, internet, Netflix, Hulu, insurance, and supplies). I automatically set aside 20% of the income, subtracting the expenses from it, and put the remainder in our Rental Slush account. This will also help us with taxes at the end of the year. Later, after we have paid off the debts associated with getting this project done, we will increase that amount to 30%. What isn’t used to pay taxes will go into our Retirement Savings account.

I also will wait until the middle of November to allocate all of these funds, thereby allowing all income and expenses to hit before allocating the amounts the appropriate places. It will essentially be a mid-month surge of income in our main checking account.

Superhost Status

We are well on our way to Superhost status on Airbnb. We have a few more guest stays until we qualify, but our ratings are right where they should be.

Becoming a Superhost will push us up in the listings, although, we are already on the 3rd page of the 17+ pages of Airbnb listings for Kansas City. So we are doing GREAT!

Operation Airstream – Delayed, But Still in Sight

Our next Airbnb will definitely be our 1956 Flying Cloud Airstream. This past Saturday we delivered it to the folks who will hopefully take it from barely functional to livable.

First order of business? Replacing the old hitch, which is dangerously rusted and impossible to lock down. After that, there is a short list of repairs that we are completely unqualified to do.

I recently went through all 306 Airbnb listings in Kansas City and found one, just ONE Airstream available as an Airbnb. It rents out for $142 per night.

Now, granted, it also has a hot tub and a private, enclosed area of its own. But I know that, by this time next year, we too can have a fabulous spot for guests to visit our Airstream. Who knows, we might eventually end up putting in a hot tub!

Winter – Time for Soup, Writing and Painting Ceilings

With October 30th’s shocker snowfall and the frigid temps that followed, my brain went from “work on pathways” to “must make soup and bake bread.”

What can I say, there is a sharp dividing line between the seasons for me. My priorities shift in time with it.

As I scheduled my first deposit of earnings into my bank account the other day, my thoughts were straying to what kind of soup I wanted to fix for dinner and my plans for finishing my take on Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” on our main floor bathroom’s ceiling.

I’ve also got it in my head that I want to paint our bedroom ceilings (it’s two 12×12 rooms) a dark blue and maybe some galaxy clusters of stars eventually as well. That will have to wait until the Van Gogh project is done though.

There are a half dozen writing projects begging for my attention, as well. Plenty of things to keep me busy until it is time to dig into the finishing touches on the Airstream.

Changing seasons mean switching gears, I guess. But I know, eventually, these projects will get done. Until then…onwards and upwards!

One Week In – Lessons Learned

Well folks, it’s been a week of Cottage West being open for business and already powerful lessons have been learned. It is one thing to manage a property, a completely different one to own that property and have to deal with the consequences of guests’ decisions.

Our first guest last Saturday was quiet. I had been rather vigilant, because she was local and I was worried she was planning to throw a party. It’s a common theme, local folks don’t want/can’t throw a party in their own home, so they rent an Airbnb and then invite a hundred people.

I was relieved that nothing crazy happened, but when I entered the home at 11:30 the next morning I was hit with a wall of odor – marijuana and cigarettes – that practically knocked me over.

Signs Everywhere

As I opened every window, turned on the ceiling fans, and eventually even opened the front and back doors in an attempt to clear the air, I realized that it is one thing to state “no smoking” on your house rules, and another to enforce it.

Signs help with that. So as I made a panicked run to the store to get air fresheners (our next guests were running early and wanted to check in before 2 p.m.) I resolved to place polite no smoking signs in every room of the house and then also make the front porch a smoking area. It’s a covered porch, with a lovely swing, all I needed with a “designated smoking zone” sign and an ashtray.

I added the following “no smoking” signs to the living room, bedrooms and back porch.

Make it Obvious

After the third guest had come and gone, I realized that, except for the 2nd guest, no one had used the bath towels located in the hallway closet.

I hadn’t made a sign, I had just assumed that everyone would look in cabinets for things. This was an incorrect assumption.

I made a change when preparing for Guest #4. I added two bath towels and washcloths to our welcome tray that I place on each bed with two mints.

I also will be making a sign that I will place on the built-in cabinets that basically says “look in here for more supplies you might need.”

Collect Connections

While the idea of this did not occur to me until our third guest was already there, I now am setting out a form that says:

Dear Guest:
I hope you are enjoying your stay here at Cottage West. I wanted to let you know about two things:

1.    We are busy working on our other Airbnb offerings, which will include a 1956 Flying Cloud Airstream and Cottage East – a four bedroom, three and ½ bath house.

2.     We have a website dedicated to our Airbnb properties that will give you all of the latest updates on our progress and our current offerings. You can find it at:

We will also be sending out emails when new properties come on line, which will give you advance notice of special pricing. If you would like to be notified (we promise we will not spam or share your email address), please add your name and email address below.

Again, thank you for choosing Cottage West. We want your stay to be pleasant, peaceful and comfortable, let us know if there is anything we can do to help with that.

I hope to eventually create a newsletter for guests that inform them of special pricing and events coming up in Kansas City.

Bite the Bullet

On Saturday, my husband went into the basement of Cottage West searching for a tool and discovered that the sewer had backed up. It turned out to be a tampon.

Someone had flushed a tampon down the toilet.

One hundred dollars later, the plug was cleared.


Now I have zero idea WHO put the tampon down the toilet. I have had four guests, it could have been any of them since in every case there were women staying there. Short of asking them if they had their period while staying at Cottage West, which I am NOT going to do, I have to eat this expense.

Lesson learned. As I wrote above, a sign will now need to be posted in the bathroom.

This is a Business

As soon as we began the process of finishing Cottage West in earnest, I joined several Airbnb Hosting groups on Facebook. It was an interesting experience. Despite the rather obvious fact that they are running a business, many of the hosts posting were far from business-minded.

I was taken aback by their pettiness. After all, they were making money, running a business, it just happened to be a place they owned.

Instead of looking at it as a hospitality business, and treating it as service-based, I got the feeling that many hosts expect their guests to be thankful in some way for getting to stay in a home instead of a hotel.

I believe that is the wrong way of looking at it. I want people to embrace staying at an Airbnb for several reasons.

  • I am offering a HOUSE, complete with a fully stocked kitchen and laundry facilities.
  • I am offering PRIVACY. I make myself available to the guest, assure them that I am just down the street, but they don’t ever need to meet me or interact with me if they don’t want to.
  • I am offering INFORMATION. Where is the best place to get street tacos, see a movie, or find craft beer? I can help them with that. I’ve created a guest handbook that advises on some great places to eat or visit and I also let guests know that if they need any additional recommendations, I’m happy to assist.
  • I provide HOSPITALITY. Not just in the kitchen and laundry, but in the warm, cozy house with bright colors, a television with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, but also the yoga mat, lending library, and a host of supplies in the built-in cabinets that guests can use. The coffee station in the kitchen, the art on the walls, and the hair dryer and curling iron all say “this is like home.”

I don’t expect a guest to be thankful or appreciative. That’s icing on the cake, that tells me I’ve done the job I was supposed to do. I’ve made it different, and better, than any hotel stay will ever be able to do.

I think that expecting a guest to be thankful is a trap that many folks fall into. The fact is, for Cottage West and other places to be successful, I have to be giving them something they won’t find at just any place. It is an experience, one that makes them talk about it, and hopefully return, that is what will differentiate us from the crowd.

That’s what a business does – it finds a particular niche and/or creates it – in order to be different (and hopefully better) than its competitors.

Three Guests Down, Plenty to Follow

At this point we have had three guests stay in Cottage West and give us feedback. A fourth guest is there now.

We have had fabulous feedback with five stars all the way. I’ve also seen comments like:

“This cottage is super cute! Christine and Dave have obviously put a lot of love and thought into this home. Very clean, with lots of thoughtful touches. Also, they have it very well stocked with little things that you might need, or may have forgotten. We would definitely stay again!”

And her private note in the Airbnb feedback: “We loved your home! Super cute, and we loved all the little touches. We’ve stayed in a lot of Airbnb’s, but yours was by far the best stocked, and most thoughtful! Thanks!”

These comments and others tell me I’m on the right track. I’ve created a place that is both comfortable and warm, friendly and safe, and well thought out.

I also know there are still improvements to make. We are working on scheduling in repairs and improvements such as re-surfacing the inside of the clawfoot bathtub and cast iron kitchen sink and other fixes as time allows.

I want our little property to be the best that it can be. Build it, and they will come!

October is Nearly Full!

Nice roomy kitchen…

Zoom, to the Moon!

I listed Cottage West on Airbnb knowing we were days away from completing the project, and immediately inquiries began to light up my phone. It was quite exciting and resulted in the month of October (our official open date is today) getting crowded with reservations.

A roomy kitchen complete with a coffee station

Out of the 26 days in October we had listed as available, eleven of them are spoken for. That might seem like it isn’t a lot, but we can already see our hard work paying off.

A handy dandy utility room…

And now that Cottage West is ready for guests, it’s time to turn our attention to our lovely 1956 Flying Cloud Airstream. The first order of business? Getting two new tires for her. Then we will hook her up to our SUV and tow her over to someone who is well-versed in fixing up Airstreams. We need help with the plumbing, some electrical, a couple of windows, and installing HVAC into it. After that, we need to install new flooring, finish it out with curtains, and the Airstream will be ready for visitors.

A peaceful enclosed back porch for sipping coffee or practicing yoga…

And while we have the guy working on it, we have a long brick pathway to fix and mortar in between. Thank goodness for cool weather, that’s backbreaking labor that will be thankful for cooler temps!

Relief, Anticipation, and Nervous – All Rolled Into One

I’ll admit it, yesterday I was a nervous wreck. Partially because in addition to getting all of the little details DONE, it was also my wonderful daughter’s 13th birthday.

I had promised her lunch out with me and her dad, ziplining at GoApe, and then a birthday party, complete with an overnight lock-in at Cottage West.

Yes, that’s right, the day before our first official guest I allowed six children to run wild in Cottage West.

I must of have been out of my mind. That said, they were well-behaved. There was a little mess, but nothing compared to some of the situations I am sure to find myself in as a host of a short-term rental.

It has been so long dreaming of this, wanting this, and working for this that I’m kind of in disbelief. Can you blame me? I’m just…boondoggled. We did it! And it feels AMAZING. Now I’m raring to hit on the next project, but I’m also over the moon at the realization that we have done something I honestly wasn’t sure at times would ever happen.

I’m learning to trust my intuition better than ever before. I’m glad I kept at it and I know we can make a stunning success of Cottage West, our lovely Airstream, and eventually Cottage East.

Onwards and upwards!

Why Stay at a Hotel, When You Could Stay in a Home Away From Home?

It’s officially official – Cottage West has been listed on the Airbnb website and is available to rent beginning the 27th.

I’m ridiculously excited about this, it has been a looonnngg haul to get to this point.

A few weeks ago, after hosting an open house for our friends, I passed out on the queen bed in Bedroom #1. My husband, seeing that I was squarely in the middle of the bed, decided to sleep in Bedroom #2.

I woke up that morning and walked around the slightly messy (hey, we had just hosted a party!) house and couldn’t help but grin.

We had taken a decaying, unloved property and turned it into a home. And that was a powerful feeling.

We had gone from this…

The front bedroom with its tiny, unusable closet…

To this…

Bedroom #1 – Newly painted, closet removed and IKEA closet added

Or from this…

View from the old dining room to the living room

To this…

The old dining room has been transformed into an eat-in kitchen

From this…

View of old dining room looking towards hallway on left and pantry on right

To this…

Old dining room transformed into an eat-in kitchen

From this…

The pantry side of the built-in cabinets

To this…

A fresh coat of paint on top of the bead board wallpaper.

We have replaced the roof, installed new windows, re-done the wiring, electrical, HVAC, insulation, walls, and refinished the floors.

Through scrimping and saving, hard work, sweat, and even a heaping measure of blood and tears – we have created a home out of an empty, abandoned, decaying shell that was home to raccoons.

Raccoons make poor residents, by the way. They smell bad and don’t clean up after themselves.

And now, we have something we can not only be proud of owning, but plan to live in one day when we are old and don’t feel like climbing up and down stairs any longer.

By next fall, I hope to have opened up Bedroom #3 – a cozy suite in the attic that will include a full bathroom and also Cottage West – basement unit – a separate entrance and separate space for 1-2 guests, complete with a bedroom, kitchenette, living/dining space and full bath.

Until then, please check out our listings on Airbnb. I’ll be adding on other short-term rental sites soon. I have my sights set on VRBO next.

We hope to see you soon!

To rent the whole house, go here: Cottage West

As a friend posted on my Facebook feed today…

I came, I saw, I conquered!

And hey, if you made it this far, leave a comment! I get a ton of spam, so it’s really nice to hear from real humans from time to time. All of those offers of cheap viagra are getting a little bothersome these days.

Get Yourself to Gimpy’s

Seriously adorable, who wouldn’t want to stay here?!

Earlier this year, well, for even longer than that, I had been thinking of going to a writer’s conference. The idea of rubbing shoulders with other writers, and just spending some “me” time away from the daily grind was very appealing.

As I clean client’s houses, I listen to podcasts about writing or Airbnb topics, and late last year, while listening to the Portfolio Life, I heard about TRIBE Conference which was held in Franklin, Tennessee.

This bed was super-comfortable, I slept so well!

This year would be the fifth and final year of the conference, and I pulled the trigger and bought a ticket that I felt like I couldn’t afford, in order to force my brain into a new, uncharted path.

Elaine has written a book Gimpy’s Secret, which she was kind enough to give me a copy of.

I knew nothing about Franklin, Tennessee other than it was relatively close to Nashville and about nine hours car drive away. I toyed with the idea of flying and then just renting a car, but decided that, in combination with the premium ticket I had purchased, would be too great of an expense.

This vintage soda machine works! It was so fun to put a dime in and get a soda out of!

“I’ll drive there, but I’ll stay in an Airbnb. It will be great!”

The first Airbnb that I found was a tiny house, something I was very interested in staying in, but a month ago I received notice that they would not be able to have me stay there. Apparently Airbnb rules had been changed in their area to prohibit tiny houses as Airbnb’s.

My view each morning as I practiced yoga. A darling little hummingbird came by and rested its wings for a brief second as it sipped from the feeder.

It didn’t make much sense to me, but as I searched again for an Airbnb in the area, I was delighted to find Gimpy’s.

Colorful, eclectic, and set in a private space – it was perfect for my needs.

Dinner at Gray’s in historic downtown Franklin. Shrimp, scallop and crab gumbo over gouda grits – this was scrumptious!

I can’t say enough good things about my host, Elaine and her husband. She was as sweet as could be, and her husband even made sure I had plenty of dimes in order to retrieve the darling bottles of Coke from the vintage Coke machine.

The lovely front porch swing. Gimpy’s rural location was wonderfully peaceful!

Each morning, I walked out of the back door onto the enclosed porch, sat and sipped some water and then meditated and practiced yoga on the thoughtfully provided yoga mat.

I loved this funky, fun toilet paper holder!

The bed was wonderfully comfortable, the space was private, and I loved all of the decorations. It definitely showed the personal touch that I love and want to see in my own spaces.

There were so many cool lights you could turn on and off. Tip: the red panel controlled the most important lights inside and the yellow one handled most of the outside front lights.

It was around 15-20 minutes away from The Factory, a factory-turned-mall a short drive away from their historic downtown. Along the way there was plenty of lovely scenery to take in – low, rolling hills and a mix of old and new architecture.

I even had a chandelier to play with!

I enjoyed the trip immensely, learned a great deal, and met some wonderful people. But above all, my stay at Gimpy’s was the best part of the trip!

A fabulous “metal man” sculpture there at The Factory.

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How Is It Going? Spectacular!

I leave tomorrow for the TRIBE Conference in Franklin, Tennessee. I’m staying at a super-cool Airbnb – a cottage called Gimpy’s which is apparently modeled after the owner/writer’s book. I’m excited to meet a fellow author, and to be surrounded by other creatives.

But before I make the loooonnnggg drive to Tennessee, I wanted to update everyone on our progress. Because wowza, has there been plenty of it!

Take a look…

Front porch – currently cluttered

I’m going to show it as it is right this moment – warts and all. Well, no warts, but still a ways to go.

The living room.

We still have to do something about the fireplace wall. Thanks so much drywall guys, you really did a bang-up job here. They left it uneven and just…stopped…mid-wall! The gas logs are vent-free and mean that we don’t need to worry about lining the chimney. We are waiting for the contractor to find the remaining part needed to hook it up.

From the other side of the living room

It was wonderful to get the wood off of the beautiful beveled glass door. Once we strip the paint off of it, we will refinish it back to its original wood glory, then add window hardware and a curtain to give our guests privacy. Although it is a little cluttered at the moment, we have an entry table and a corner desk for those who need a little bit of writing space.

The former dining room, now new kitchen.

The original kitchen was far too small and we knew we could create a reasonable eat-in kitchen out of the dining room. I love how it turned out, especially now that we refinished the wood floors!

I still have some painting to do before I can re-attach all of the drawer hardware. I also need to hem the curtains and find the third sconce for the light. Eventually I will also repaint all of these chairs. They were at Habitat for Humanity – old Five Guys metal chairs for just $5 each!

I’m currently sorting and labeling door keys. I also bought a photo album and will be posting pictures of the renovations so that guests can see how much work went into creating the warm, comfortable home they are now staying in!

I have found so many amazing deals on Facebook Marketplace. I imagine I have saved thousands! This little table was just $40.

It took a lot of scrubbing, but I finally got the sink clean.

While we couldn’t realistically fit a dishwasher in, the kitchen has everything else. I’ve found a microwave, toaster oven, electric kettle, and so much more!

Built-ins on the pantry side

I have managed to lose the bottom right cabinet door, and the two top doors are glass and need work. For now, I plan on taking off the bottom left door and just hanging a curtain there. The top part will be left open until I can find someone to install replacement glass in one of the doors, then we will put it back in.

The original kitchen, now utility room

We replaced our washer and dryer set earlier this year and will install the older ones into Cottage West. For now, we have a bunch of tools in it. I plan on leaving the brick exposed, but I’ll probably put some kind of clear coat over it.

The back porch – messy, but pretty much done

We will be clearing out the construction debris and then I’ll stencil the floor. It will be a lovely, peaceful place to sit and drink coffee, practice yoga, or just nap in a hammock!

I have been listening to a ton of podcasts and reading articles on best practices for short-term rentals. Guaranteed, this wall-mounted wine bottle opener will be a huge hit!
The built-ins on the hallway side.

I still need to get the little metal brackets in place and figure out where everything should go. I’m labeling everything – light switches, drawers, doors, you name it. This will make it far easier on my guests to find necessary items.

I’m also making a point of including everything from over-the-counter analgesics (Excedrin, Ibuprofen) to cough drops, q-tips, first aid, and even eye wash.

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 1 has a queen size bed. Originally, this room had another door, one that led to the living room. We took it out and that allowed us to put a queen size bed in without having to block any doors.

I need some artwork in here, but I love the quilt and wall color!

Bedroom 1 – view from where the other door used to be

There was a tiny, truly unusable closet here where the IKEA cabinet is. I plan to put a small chair there on the left.

I love this sign. When I saw it, I just had to have it!
We have water flowing in the bathtub and the toilet!

We have just a little ways to go here. My husband still needs to hook up the sink and we need to finish hooking up the shower component of the bathtub and hang the shower curtains. I love how the floor turned out!

Bedroom 2 with a full-size bed

Imagine my dismay when I went into the basement to retrieve the bed frame for this bed, only to discover it was a twin-size daybed!

So I found, and bought, an antique wrought iron frame for $50 from Facebook Marketplace that night. It is fantastic! No creaking, and just as solid as can be.

Bedroom 2’s closet (this is the same exposed brick as in the utility room).

We still need to finish out this closet with a pole.

Another great find on Facebook Marketplace.

I found the matching lamps in both bedrooms at Cargo Largo for $15 each. The bedside clock has two charging ports and it also tells you the local temp and humidity!

I bought luggage racks for both rooms (another good podcast suggestion) and we have some molding, wall art and mirrors to hang.
I had this old box in my library, sitting on one end and serving as a side table.

I love how this old box turned out. I asked my husband to install the light into it. It hangs between the two original metal cabinets, serving as additional storage, a light, and decoration!

Our lending library in the living room

The library will include books that stay with Cottage West (I’ll label them accordingly and put them on the top shelf) and also has a tip jar for folks to add money to if they want to take one of the books.

Wall art in the living room
I have a bit of hemming to do on the curtains! This little coffee table from IKEA was the perfect size and price. Just $12!
This window film looks fantastic and blocks the view of our neighbor’s decrepit house.
The glider looks gorgeous in dark green, don’t you think?!
I can’t wait to get this up on the outside wall!
I plan to add a small pond with solar fountain here in the middle of this tiny front yard.
The althea bush in bloom.

Here’s hoping we can officially open for business in mid-September. It’s been a long haul, folks, but it is so worth it. We have created a HOME. One that, come what may, is 100% paid for.

I can’t say that about my main house, or my rental house in Belton, so I’m pretty damned proud.

This has been an incredibly productive year – first with the front fence and now with Cottage West on the cusp of being complete. We have done well!

Final Week of August – Do or Die

And here I am hoping we don’t die. To just…do…to get it totally and completely done will be a-okay with me.

After all, we have come so far. SO…FAR!

My husband is taking next week off. This was his idea and I certainly was not going to object.

So what do we have left to do?

Well, I made a list. Of course I did. If you have been reading my posts for any time whatsoever, you know how I can be.

What’s Left?

Living room:

  • Troubleshoot one of the fans, the lights come on, but the fan blades don’t rotate.
  • Install gas logs in fireplace
  • Front door – remove paint, paint, add hardware and alarm sensor
  • Fix middle sconce
  • Install bead board around fireplace and re-mount mantel to the wall
  • Refinish floors


  • Finish plumbing kitchen sink
  • Outlet & switch plate covers
  • Molding and trim
  • Install smoke/monoxide detectors
  • Refinish floors
Em’s treescape on one of our salvaged windows.


  • Troubleshoot light switch (it has a short)
  • Strip/paint cabinet doors to built-ins
  • Remove bottom cabinet door and replace with curtain rod and curtains

Utility Room:

  • Back door – strip paint, paint, and install hardware
  • Install deadbolt on basement door
This bathtub definitely needs a good cleaning!


  • Paint stairs to attic


  • Install lighting
  • Add bead board to ceiling and half walls
  • Finish out storage and built-in bookshelves

Front Bedroom:

  • Hang door, install hardware

Back Bedroom:

  • Finish closet interior
  • Back door to porch – strip, paint, add door hardware

Back Porch:

  • Seal with caulk
  • Finish painting
  • Install molding on back door


  • Declutter/remove trash
  • Remove random nails/screws and paint walls and rafters

In All Areas:

  • Finish installing trim/molding
  • Add smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Touch up paint
  • Refinish wood floors
  • Finish adding switch plates and outlet covers
Mike and his son. You can find photos of Mike’s other work at his Facebook page: Mike’s “Wow Factory” Carpentry

After Nearly Half a Century of Wanting One…

We now have a playhouse! I have wanted one since I was a child, and now, finally, we have one. My tween is almost too old for it, but that’s almost. The three year old is excited and wants us to paint it pink. We keep telling her that she will grow out of this.

As far as I’m concerned, we got it for a steal. Quality workmanship, solid carpentry, heck, it was even delivered!

Mike’s “Wow Factory” Carpentry really delivered!

I highly recommend Mike for your future woodworking project – be it a playhouse, doghouse, chicken house, she shed – the sky is the limit, I think he can build it all!

We are now working on getting it painted. Eventually, I’ll surround it with hostas and other flowers and even install a brick walkway straight to it.

Em busy painting it. We will put on two coats and then paint the front door red and the trim a cream color.

Now I’m dreaming of two sheds – one for my husband’s brew equipment and one small one that can hold all of our lawn tools – and a gazebo.

Next year, definitely next year!