Graffiti Can’t Stop Me

A couple of weeks ago, while out and about, a neighbor contacted me on Facebook.

FB message

And I came home to this…


This was disheartening to say the least. Taggers tend to hit buildings that they think no one cares about.

Nevertheless, we had it cleaned up within 24 hours. And along the way, I decided that what needed to happen was MORE.

More signs that this property was being tended to, more evidence of daily involvement. More flowers. More color. MoreĀ presence.

Taggers tend to hit buildings that they think no one cares about. And we care about this building just as much as the house we currently live in.

So I took a friend’s suggestion and painted the porch the same color as the house…






And wow, I love the look of the green floorboards and more. It pulls the porch into the house and connects it all.


But it is time to take it further. Stay tuned for an art project in the works, but also I’ve dialed up the barrage of plant transplants and wildflower seeds. I also added these hanging planters…


I also have begun laying the bricks for a path that will cross into the rest of the properties and eventually diverge into a meandering path of flowering mini-gardens and natural pond. Those mini gardens and the pond are 1-4 years away, but I have the idea of them in my head now, and slowly (1-3 mini garden projects per year) they will be realized.

The Cottage is now outfitted with security lights and a burglar alarm and monitoring. This will act as a further deterrent to any ne’er do wells.

As for that art project?

Stay tuned!

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