Dreaming of Treehouses

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I woke up this morning dreaming of treehouses.

Air B’nB treehouses.

It will be a while until this dream is realized, but I’m envisioning a 1-2-3 punch…

  1. Get together the funds to bring down the enormous old cottonwood back behind The Cottage (it’s over 100 years old and it is dying – we have been crossing our fingers every time a major storm blows through that it won’t bite the big one.
  2. Use that wood to create a treehouse cabin in the “bee tree” (a maple tree we used to have the beehives sitting next to. Note: We no longer have beehives.)
  3. Air Bnb it, complete with a concrete parking pad in the back of the last lot we purchased. It will be accessed via the alleyway. The cabin itself will only be habitable in the spring, summer and fall. I doubt we could make it work during the winter (too icy and too cold).

There is a guy who builds treehouses and he is here in Kansas City! I sent an email to him and I’m hoping he will contact me back soon.

And when we don’t have AirBnB guests it will make a fantastic crash pad for the kiddo and her friends. They will have a GREAT time in it!

Meanwhile, if you are dying to stay in a treehouse AirBnB – check out these fun destinations: Top 20 Treehouses on AirBnB

In Other News

That’s kind of a teaser because all I’m going to say is, there are other news and developments that I will be at liberty to talk about soon, but not now.

Suffice it to say, while work is not progressing at this moment on The Cottage, it will be soon. And there’s more…that I will be at liberty to discuss in mid-July.

Renovations take time and we are in this for the long haul. We have learned a lot – about who to trust, and who to not trust. What questions we should have asked and so much more. It has been a learning experience. So even if you don’t see any progress or wonder if The Cottage will EVER be done, believe me when I say, “I have a plan.”

Keep checking in, things will be a’changing soon!

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