Finally – Forward Momentum!

From my emergency trip to Panama to rescue my ill father, to tree removal, refrigerator troubles, and a host of other unexpected costs, moving forward on our future Airbnb projects has been riddled with stops and starts.

It seems that the tide is changing, however.

Cottage West is holding steady with her new roof and gutter, windows, paint job and front porch.

And Cottage East, which we have owned for all of three weeks, now has a green light for a new roof, vinyl siding on the east and west sides, and new windows on those two sides as well. After we have the walls up and intact, we will also have the electrician out to install a 200 amp box.

I should have listened to my husband when he suggested putting in a 200 amp box in the Cottage West. But I didn’t. And because of that, we can’t have an electric on-demand water heater installed. A 100 amp box just doesn’t give you that option. So I wasn’t going to repeat THAT mistake!

I just signed the contract with Champion for the roof, siding and windows and in approximately 8-10 weeks, Cottage East will have a facelift!

We have also acquired a unique Airbnb offering. I will sign on the dotted line on Wednesday, and we will transport it to our location in early August. I’m very excited about this project and we are busy planning and building the privacy fence along the back of our property as well as a cheery little picket fence and arbor that will give that section of our yard a private feel. I’ll be at liberty to tell you more in a few weeks!

So despite the crazy heat and swarms of mosquitoes, we are hard at work in the yard. First the fence, then we will need to remove the brick facade from Cottage East before the siding guys arrive.

It’s a lot of work – a dizzying array of projects – and we are doing our best to juggle priorities and keep up with mowing and more. But I finally feel as if we are moving forward. And that is so exciting, folks!

This weekend we spent some back breaking hours taming the yard – which is determined to grow into a jungle of weeds on us. I made the decision to mow down (and not use) our “crop garden” this year and probably next. We will return to it AFTER we have dealt with the renovation projects on our plates. And by that time, I plan on having a regular mowing/weed-whacking service handle the bulk of our weekly work so that I can focus on creating lush beds of flowers, herbs, and eventually crops again.

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