She Dreams of Airstream

This past weekend we worked our patoots off to get the yard as ready as possible for the Airstream. We have built approximately 120 feet of fence and have another 24-32 feet to go. We also have made space for two spacious driveway gates – driveway west near Cottage West and a wide driveway on the east edge of our house and side lot which butts up to Cottage East. This will enable us to park our vehicles in the western driveway if we so choose, and guests at Cottage East and the Airstream RV to park close to their respective destinations.

On Thursday afternoon we will receive a delivery of gravel that will serve as driveway and an adjacent RV pad. Later on, we will worry about paving the driveway to the west.

Along the way, as I’ve moved brush, dug up a cherry tree, and helped my husband build the fence, I’ve been dreaming of decorating the RV, both inside and out.

I am considering making, or possibly having made, a couple of murals to hang on the “dog fence” – the fence that separates the RV yard from the dog yard behind our house. It would be nicer than looking out to see a plain old boring fence and I’m hoping for a 50s vibe. Something retro, something that centers around camping, forests, and more. Think Jellystone Park, 50s glamour, mid-century cool.

A Couple of Murals Possibly

In any case, my mind is spinning with ideas. These little potholders gave me the perfect idea for a mural…

mural idea 01

And then I’m thinking about something like this one…

mural idea 02

Or this…

mural idea 04

Or this…

mural idea 03

What do you think?!

Counting the Days

I am so excited to get into the Airstream and assess it and what we will need to do with it. Just a few more days and it will be here!

It feels as if we have done little in the way of progress and accomplished a whole lot – all at the same time.

We have a long way to go. And plenty of work to make the Airstream ready for guests. It is our last major purchase for a while, but it will be the first to be put into service.

Making a List

So what do we need to do? Well, at the moment, without being able to get into it and down and dirty, I would say that it needs the following:

  • A concrete pad poured that will have water and power outlets
  • A 8’x24′ wood deck with open walls and a corrugated metal roof
  • Fixes to at least two windows and door (cracked glass, problems with leaks/seals need replacing)
  • Replace toilet with composting toilet
  • Fix gas stove that won’t close
  • Check gas and water lines
  • Check to see if furnace works
  • See if original refrigerator can be repaired
  • Curtains and bedding
  • Other decor, books, CDs, and furnishings
  • A picket fence and arbor at end of “RV yard”
  • Murals and decorations outside
  • Landscaping
  • Safety equipment – carbon monoxide sensor, fire extinguisher

But considering our luck? It will need more than that. Life is nothing if not unpredictable.

It is forward movement, however, so I’ll settle for that.

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