Should I Say Timber? Or LOOK OUT!?

Caution – Falling Bricks!

Frankly, I had dreaded the task of demo’ing the brick off of the sides of Cottage East. DREADED it!

Part of me was certain we were going to get smashed by falling bricks. Another was sure we would NEVER get the intact, yet buckled wall on the east side down. And as I envisioned the project, I figured it would be weeks and weeks of work.

Instead, it was completed in just a few short hours. By noon on Saturday, both brick facade walls were down, leaving only the wood frame in place. Tool use – an eight foot long 2×4 that we placed behind the bricks and against the wood slats, was all we needed to bring swaths of bricks tumbling down.

We had a few close calls. And Dave blackened one of his thumbs and cut himself at one point, but the walls are DOWN. We now have to figure out how to cap the ends on the front and back, which still have bricks on them. Short of removing both the front and back porches in their entirety, something we do not want to do, the brick on the front and back must stay on the house, so we need to either figure out how to cut and mortar half-size bricks in place or hire a brick mason to do it.

We are now ready for the new roof, side windows and siding to be installed in a couple of weeks!

Airbnb Regulations in Kansas City?

I am keeping a close eye on the proposed regulations for Airbnb here in Kansas City.

This article gives a good summary of what is being discussed. I am in a historic neighborhood, one of the areas that are on the thumbs up list for these regulations, but for my neighbors and fellow entrepreneurs down in south KC, things might be different. Considering they are providing a much-needed service down there to the Cerner folks, that doesn’t seem like a very fair, or business-friendly, plan.

What it boils down to for me is the reminder that what we need is good stewardship by owners of these properties. I can imagine that one of my neighbors across the street has quite a few concerns. It probably goes something like this, “If they won’t even keep their lawn mowed, WHAT kind of people are they going to be letting stay in their Airbnb?!”

The answer is – the best guests possible. NO parties, NO drugs, NO problems. After all, I live in between the two properties we plan to Airbnb. And I’ll be damned if I’m renting to a group of teens wanting to party down and destroy crap. Those are not the kind of people I want to see visiting our home turf.

And by the time we open for business? We will have a lawn service because I’ll be darned if I want it looking shabby around here!

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