Phase One!

The full size bed goes here. Currently it serves as a staging area for the plumbing supplies.

A few weeks ago, I pressed the BUY button and ordered a long list of must have’s for the Airstream…

  • 10″ full size memory foam mattress
  • Nature’s Head composting toilet
  • fire extinguisher
  • dish set
  • smoke/carbon monoxide detector
  • electric space heater w/timer
  • tankless water heater
  • 100′ heated water hose
A nice double sink. Original to the Airstream, we did end up replacing the old faucet with this pretty little thing.

Thanks to the help of a truly talented friend, we know that the propane powered heater works and so does the stove. Hooray!

I still bought the space heater because the original heater works okay but not great, and winters can be cold, so…

My husband has purchased the PEX we need for the plumbing, and we will have just about everything we need to complete Phase One (turning the Airstream into an Airbnb)

I am beyond excited.

My husband removed the original toilet. We will put in a composting toilet which will free us from needing to use a black tank when on the road (or here).

There are cabinet doors to reinstall, everything needs a good cleaning, and in some cases, the wood may need refinishing or painting.

The fabulous vintage fridge is not functional, but that’s okay, we have a mini-fridge and the old fridge can be used as dry storage, a pantry of sorts.

The plan is to hook everything up, lay it all out, and even spend the night there in the camper before “opening for business.”

The little dining area will eventually double as a twin bed as well. We need to cut a piece of wood to be the table and attach it to the metal brackets and stand that can disassemble into a bed at night.

We moved as much as we could out, including a futon thing that was not going to cut it when it came to having Airbnb guests stay there. Instead, we now have a full-size memory foam mattress waiting for things to get a little further along before being unpacked.

The radio keeps us entertained while we work. I bought a CD of Greatest Hits of the 50s to add to the ambience.

I have returned to the idea that each of our Airbnb’s will have a theme. The Airstream was built in 1956, so we are embracing the idea of a 50s, vintage, pin-up look.

Cottage West will represent my love of art and books and have art pieces scattered through it, along with a large selection of books, including a homage to Kansas City’s rich history. The furniture and furnishings will be eclectic and bohemian with a bold use of color throughout the bungalow.

Cottage East will paint a picture of a cottage nestled in the English countryside, complete with all of the modern necessities. The gardens in the front and back will contain fountains, bricks, and plants that are evocative of an English cottage garden.

As we finish each project, we will have an Open House and invite our neighbors and friends to come see the property and hopefully share pictures and special pricing with their friends and family.

Progress might appear to be slow, or even nonexistent at times, but we move forward with the projects one step at a time. It’s a worthwhile endeavor and I am excited for the future!

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