Behind the Scenes and Themes

To look at either Cottage West or Cottage East, you wouldn’t think that there was much going on. Outside, with the vestiges of winter still clinging to the vegetation, there is little to betray the massive amount of work that is either taking place, or will be soon underway.

Cottage West in warmer times (they are returning soon, and I’m looking forward to that!).

Cottage West

Inside, out of view, the gas pipes have been run. Next will be the plumbing, electrical and the HVAC.

After that contractor has finished, we will bring in the insulation guy and then we will get a drywall contractor to install our walls, ready for us to paint.

We also have a nice, solid steel door that will be installed off of the back porch.

Then we will handle the work of getting the painting done, the cabinets hung, and the rest of the work that it will take to make it into a welcoming oasis for visitors.

The Cottage East in its current state. We decided we will go ahead and pull the rest of the brick facade off and wrap it all in siding.

Cottage East

We had already put a new roof on, and now it is time for all new windows, siding, and guttering. We will also run a new electric box and install a burglar alarm to prevent any break-in issues.

The windows are going in next week, and the siding and guttering should follow quickly after that. By mid-April Cottage East should be looking spiffy, at least from the outside!


I’ve mentioned it before, but now I’m definitely going to go through with it! Cottage West will have a distinct eclectic, arts/crafts, and writing vibe. Bright, rich colors on the walls and furniture, plenty of books on a large bookshelf, and some unique artwork on the walls. It’s going to look GREAT!

When it comes to Cottage East, I’ve always felt like it had a lovely English cottage vibe to it. I’ll be adding “leading” to the new windows to give it an Old World feel, as well as dressing the interior in a palette of warm, muted colors.

Basement Studio Apartments

This is several years off, but we might also create two basement apartments that we can either rent out or Airbnb. Since both houses have separate, ground-level entrances to the basements, this could work out well.

Pictures coming soon!

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