What a Weekend!

This is definitely my painting shirt now!

I am glad we had the late start to a summer that we had. This past week was awful, heat-wise, and we both would have been miserable, overheated, and dehydrated if we had been out working on the fence.

Thankfully, most of it is done and the rest can wait until more temperate weather.

The back bedroom (and door to the enclosed back porch) as we began to add the primer to the drywall.

This weekend was something I looked forward to all week – it was time to paint Cottage West!

The bathroom sub-floor. It had to be rebuilt due to the water damage. It was a priority to get the bathroom painted and ready. This week we can add cement board and the lovely hexagon tile I will be buying. It’s a tiny bathroom, but it is going to look amazing!

But before we could begin, my husband went out and bought a pole saw so that he could do something that has been bugging him since we moved here…cut off the low-hanging branches of several of our trees.

The double gate next to Cottage West. There is a street light here, but it had been obscured by all of the tree branches. We’ve found all manner of items at the base of this tree, none of it particularly nice.

Ours is a neighborhood in transition. And one of the insights we learned was not to make it easy for criminals. After all, most criminals are, well, lazy. If you make it hard, they go somewhere else.

Before, the branches brushed the top of our SUV (the closest car). Now, there is plenty of room to see and be seen.

With low-hanging branches obscuring the streetlights at night, it gave the ne’er-do-well’s places to hang out, hide out, or get into mischief in.

These are the stairs up to the attic. I want to paint the risers with all manner of interesting books. See example below.

So the pole saw allowed my husband to reach all smaller branches within 25 feet of the ground and he removed so many! This also helped our plum tree that was doing well on one side, but not so much on the other, where the black walnut hung over it. Now those branches are trimmed back and we will get them to Missouri Organics sometime soon where they will turn all of it into free mulch.

Except maybe I’ll do it with my own books!

So that was Friday afternoon and evening. And then he hit some more of our trees with the saw bright and early on Saturday morning.

The living room – all primer’d and ready to be painted!

By 8 a.m., we were at Cottage West, our supplies in hand.

The back bedroom looking into the hall and the front bedroom beyond. I know it’s bright, but I really love this color. Especially when you add in the gorgeous teal velveteen curtains below.
These are the teal curtains (well, they look like this) I’ll put in the back bedroom
And I purchased three bedspreads from Zulily this weekend. I’ll either use this one…
Or this one. Both look gorgeous, don’t you think?

We blasted through a 3 gallon container of primer within a couple of hours. We managed to get the back bedroom, hallway, bathroom, and the utility room mostly done with that 3-gallon container. I estimated it would take at least six more gallons, probably more.

Teton Blue looked rather gray at first. This is in the front bedroom. Sorry there aren’t better pictures of the room, it is occupied by this enormous IKEA cabinet and the clawfoot bathtub. This room is considerably bigger than the back bedroom. It took nearly every last drop of paint to finish the walls in this room!

After lunch, we hit Home Depot and picked up two five-gallon buckets of primer, along with a eclectic palette of colors.

Is it Boho or Just Madness?

The third bedspread which I will put in the front bedroom. I hope it will look good in this room. I also have some dark green velvet drapes for this bedroom.

I had contacted my mom earlier in the week asking for her advice on choosing paint colors. I had found some adorable kitchen towels at Target and wanted to paint the kitchen green like the towels and then the back porch a bright yellow. Other than that, I had no idea what to do.

The dark green velveteen curtains that will go in the front bedroom

I told my mom, “Think bohemian, eclectic, something that makes you think colorful, artistic and books.”

My mom looked at me, “What do you mean, bohemian?”


The clawfoot bathtub we got for FREE! It weighs around four hundred pounds and took four strong adults to get it into the house. I’m going to clean it and then paint it with oil rubbed bronze paint, paint the feet black with oil rubbed bronze claws and then re-attach them.

She went home after suggesting I paint all of the rooms in some pale, pale shade of green – but vary the different shades. “Green is calming,” she said. She also suggested that all molding be painted white. And nothing should be shiny.

The hexagon tile that will go in the bathroom complete with black grout.

I basically ignored everything she said.

Instead, when I got to the paint department, I did what I usually do, began to panic. And so, my 12-year-old daughter took command.

This is the “dear lord, what have I done?” shot. The Blue Teton looks GRAY, the beige looks rather orange/yellow, and the blue just looks…schizophrenic!

We found a gorgeous sunny yellow for the sunroom. And Em picked out a lively light blue for the back bedroom to go with the teal velvet curtains I picked up the other day. I tried to pick out a nice beige, and ended up with something that has…a lot orange in it…[sigh].

I will be stripping the paint from these built-in cabinets in the hall. Then I will re-stain the wood. It will be gorgeous…I hope. Stairs to the attic are on the left.

I forgot that I had to match some of the colors in the fireplace tile, so at first I bought teton blue (which actually looks very gray) for the living room. I ended up putting that on the walls of the bigger front bedroom.

This is NOT beige.

The golden, mustardy yellow (boy, do I know how to sell it!) will go in the front living room. The kitchen will be a lovely shade of green, and the back utility room remains open at this time.

Oh, right, and I chose a cream color for the molding. I hate white.

Several times I have told my husband, “You need to take more pictures of me. Otherwise, no one is going to remember what I look like when I’m dead.” I’m the main picture-taker in the family. But now, my smart phone has a way to take selfies. So there, I’ll take my own!

While my husband tackled finishing the living room and a few other areas with the primer, I tackled painting the bathroom, hallway, back and front bedrooms.

A picture of the back bedroom before painting it the light teal.

By the time I rolled on the coat of paint in the front bedroom, I could see I had managed my standard carnival of colors. What was I thinking? I have no idea. Standing there in the front bedroom and seeing the gray-blue, the orange-beige, and pale teal color – what could I do but laugh?

The utility room. I will be stripping the paint off of all of the interior doors and refinishing the wood. Except for that door on the left. That’s a junky NEW door, why bother? I like the exposed brick chimney here (this was originally the kitchen) and I’m still trying to decide what color? Have a good color for me? Send me paint colors. I use Behr exclusively (LOVE Behr) but they can usually color match.

I wanted bohemian…

I think I got it.

Hell, I’ll try it. If it just looks awful, I’ll find a way to fix it.

You’ve come a long way, baby. Just a few more weeks to go!

It’s been a very productive weekend. I’m proud of what we accomplished. All of it is movement forward, and that’s a good thing.

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