The First Weekend of August – Not as Productive as I had hoped

The metal sink cabinet that was in Cottage West when we bought it. Believe me, it’s shiny compared to how it used to look!

Renovations laugh in the face of deadlines. For that matter, life laughs at deadlines, and it is usually laughing its ass off at me and my grandiose plans.

This antique glider is too heavy to lift on my own, so I painted it in place. One coat. It will need at least one, probably two, more coats before its done. It will look great on the front porch of Cottage West.

But here we are at the end of the first weekend in August – my husband is laid up with a thrown-out back, we had to spend a good chunk of Saturday hauling two loads of brush to the free brush drop-off site, and the bathroom floor still doesn’t have grout.

I painted this baby with oil rubbed bronze metallic paint. I can’t wait to install it in the bathroom!

My husband is truly the dog to my cheetah. He keeps me calm and I miss his presence acutely when I’m there at the Cottage working on my own.

My brain started to circle around in panic, thinking of deadlines and how we really, REALLY need this project done and for it to be filled with guests…NOW.

This picture is from when the sink cabinet was in the old kitchen, now the utility room. I took it on the first day we went in to look at the house before making an offer of $25 with Land Bank.

I took a few minutes and reminded myself of how many things I can still do without having him there.

Sure, I can’t hang cabinets all by myself, but I can get the cabinets out of the basement, clean them up and paint them.

Another image from that first day, of the back of the house, covered in vines and rotting wooden siding.

I can order the sink faucet and garbage disposal, realize we need to do yet another change order and add another outlet to behind the kitchen sink for the disposal, and that the small cabinet cannot go on the wall I had planned.

So while I might not be as efficient, I still managed to get quite a few things done.

I painted the footsies and toesies black and even added oil rubbed bronze to the little clawsies!

The sink cabinet has been moved into the correct position. The fridge and stove will be placed to the left of it.

I couldn’t help myself, I just had to clean some of the floor. Can you believe the hardwood floor through the entire house was covered with either carpet or linoleum? The floors are in fantastic shape, although we still might need to refinish them. This is the spot where the fridge and stove will go.

I’ve coated the sink cabinet and drawers with three coats of paint and all of the grossness was cleaned out of it. I’ll see if I can’t find a “before” picture.

I keep fighting the temptation to bring furniture and linens over. I’m tired of dust and drywall and dirt. I want color, and softness and shiny wood floors.

I want to be done. I want to finally share with everyone how beautiful and welcoming this place can look.

After five long years of dreaming, sweating, and pouring our money into it – I’m ready to have this job completed!

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