Final Week of August – Do or Die

And here I am hoping we don’t die. To just…do…to get it totally and completely done will be a-okay with me.

After all, we have come so far. SO…FAR!

My husband is taking next week off. This was his idea and I certainly was not going to object.

So what do we have left to do?

Well, I made a list. Of course I did. If you have been reading my posts for any time whatsoever, you know how I can be.

What’s Left?

Living room:

  • Troubleshoot one of the fans, the lights come on, but the fan blades don’t rotate.
  • Install gas logs in fireplace
  • Front door – remove paint, paint, add hardware and alarm sensor
  • Fix middle sconce
  • Install bead board around fireplace and re-mount mantel to the wall
  • Refinish floors


  • Finish plumbing kitchen sink
  • Outlet & switch plate covers
  • Molding and trim
  • Install smoke/monoxide detectors
  • Refinish floors
Em’s treescape on one of our salvaged windows.


  • Troubleshoot light switch (it has a short)
  • Strip/paint cabinet doors to built-ins
  • Remove bottom cabinet door and replace with curtain rod and curtains

Utility Room:

  • Back door – strip paint, paint, and install hardware
  • Install deadbolt on basement door
This bathtub definitely needs a good cleaning!


  • Paint stairs to attic


  • Install lighting
  • Add bead board to ceiling and half walls
  • Finish out storage and built-in bookshelves

Front Bedroom:

  • Hang door, install hardware

Back Bedroom:

  • Finish closet interior
  • Back door to porch – strip, paint, add door hardware

Back Porch:

  • Seal with caulk
  • Finish painting
  • Install molding on back door


  • Declutter/remove trash
  • Remove random nails/screws and paint walls and rafters

In All Areas:

  • Finish installing trim/molding
  • Add smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Touch up paint
  • Refinish wood floors
  • Finish adding switch plates and outlet covers
Mike and his son. You can find photos of Mike’s other work at his Facebook page: Mike’s “Wow Factory” Carpentry

After Nearly Half a Century of Wanting One…

We now have a playhouse! I have wanted one since I was a child, and now, finally, we have one. My tween is almost too old for it, but that’s almost. The three year old is excited and wants us to paint it pink. We keep telling her that she will grow out of this.

As far as I’m concerned, we got it for a steal. Quality workmanship, solid carpentry, heck, it was even delivered!

Mike’s “Wow Factory” Carpentry really delivered!

I highly recommend Mike for your future woodworking project – be it a playhouse, doghouse, chicken house, she shed – the sky is the limit, I think he can build it all!

We are now working on getting it painted. Eventually, I’ll surround it with hostas and other flowers and even install a brick walkway straight to it.

Em busy painting it. We will put on two coats and then paint the front door red and the trim a cream color.

Now I’m dreaming of two sheds – one for my husband’s brew equipment and one small one that can hold all of our lawn tools – and a gazebo.

Next year, definitely next year!

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