Get Yourself to Gimpy’s

Seriously adorable, who wouldn’t want to stay here?!

Earlier this year, well, for even longer than that, I had been thinking of going to a writer’s conference. The idea of rubbing shoulders with other writers, and just spending some “me” time away from the daily grind was very appealing.

As I clean client’s houses, I listen to podcasts about writing or Airbnb topics, and late last year, while listening to the Portfolio Life, I heard about TRIBE Conference which was held in Franklin, Tennessee.

This bed was super-comfortable, I slept so well!

This year would be the fifth and final year of the conference, and I pulled the trigger and bought a ticket that I felt like I couldn’t afford, in order to force my brain into a new, uncharted path.

Elaine has written a book Gimpy’s Secret, which she was kind enough to give me a copy of.

I knew nothing about Franklin, Tennessee other than it was relatively close to Nashville and about nine hours car drive away. I toyed with the idea of flying and then just renting a car, but decided that, in combination with the premium ticket I had purchased, would be too great of an expense.

This vintage soda machine works! It was so fun to put a dime in and get a soda out of!

“I’ll drive there, but I’ll stay in an Airbnb. It will be great!”

The first Airbnb that I found was a tiny house, something I was very interested in staying in, but a month ago I received notice that they would not be able to have me stay there. Apparently Airbnb rules had been changed in their area to prohibit tiny houses as Airbnb’s.

My view each morning as I practiced yoga. A darling little hummingbird came by and rested its wings for a brief second as it sipped from the feeder.

It didn’t make much sense to me, but as I searched again for an Airbnb in the area, I was delighted to find Gimpy’s.

Colorful, eclectic, and set in a private space – it was perfect for my needs.

Dinner at Gray’s in historic downtown Franklin. Shrimp, scallop and crab gumbo over gouda grits – this was scrumptious!

I can’t say enough good things about my host, Elaine and her husband. She was as sweet as could be, and her husband even made sure I had plenty of dimes in order to retrieve the darling bottles of Coke from the vintage Coke machine.

The lovely front porch swing. Gimpy’s rural location was wonderfully peaceful!

Each morning, I walked out of the back door onto the enclosed porch, sat and sipped some water and then meditated and practiced yoga on the thoughtfully provided yoga mat.

I loved this funky, fun toilet paper holder!

The bed was wonderfully comfortable, the space was private, and I loved all of the decorations. It definitely showed the personal touch that I love and want to see in my own spaces.

There were so many cool lights you could turn on and off. Tip: the red panel controlled the most important lights inside and the yellow one handled most of the outside front lights.

It was around 15-20 minutes away from The Factory, a factory-turned-mall a short drive away from their historic downtown. Along the way there was plenty of lovely scenery to take in – low, rolling hills and a mix of old and new architecture.

I even had a chandelier to play with!

I enjoyed the trip immensely, learned a great deal, and met some wonderful people. But above all, my stay at Gimpy’s was the best part of the trip!

A fabulous “metal man” sculpture there at The Factory.

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