October is Nearly Full!

Nice roomy kitchen…

Zoom, to the Moon!

I listed Cottage West on Airbnb knowing we were days away from completing the project, and immediately inquiries began to light up my phone. It was quite exciting and resulted in the month of October (our official open date is today) getting crowded with reservations.

A roomy kitchen complete with a coffee station

Out of the 26 days in October we had listed as available, eleven of them are spoken for. That might seem like it isn’t a lot, but we can already see our hard work paying off.

A handy dandy utility room…

And now that Cottage West is ready for guests, it’s time to turn our attention to our lovely 1956 Flying Cloud Airstream. The first order of business? Getting two new tires for her. Then we will hook her up to our SUV and tow her over to someone who is well-versed in fixing up Airstreams. We need help with the plumbing, some electrical, a couple of windows, and installing HVAC into it. After that, we need to install new flooring, finish it out with curtains, and the Airstream will be ready for visitors.

A peaceful enclosed back porch for sipping coffee or practicing yoga…

And while we have the guy working on it, we have a long brick pathway to fix and mortar in between. Thank goodness for cool weather, that’s backbreaking labor that will be thankful for cooler temps!

Relief, Anticipation, and Nervous – All Rolled Into One

I’ll admit it, yesterday I was a nervous wreck. Partially because in addition to getting all of the little details DONE, it was also my wonderful daughter’s 13th birthday.

I had promised her lunch out with me and her dad, ziplining at GoApe, and then a birthday party, complete with an overnight lock-in at Cottage West.

Yes, that’s right, the day before our first official guest I allowed six children to run wild in Cottage West.

I must of have been out of my mind. That said, they were well-behaved. There was a little mess, but nothing compared to some of the situations I am sure to find myself in as a host of a short-term rental.

It has been so long dreaming of this, wanting this, and working for this that I’m kind of in disbelief. Can you blame me? I’m just…boondoggled. We did it! And it feels AMAZING. Now I’m raring to hit on the next project, but I’m also over the moon at the realization that we have done something I honestly wasn’t sure at times would ever happen.

I’m learning to trust my intuition better than ever before. I’m glad I kept at it and I know we can make a stunning success of Cottage West, our lovely Airstream, and eventually Cottage East.

Onwards and upwards!

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