Improvements (and some setbacks) Abound

As I mentioned in my last post, we had shut down Cottage West in order to get the bathtub resurfaced. I had never had it done, so I was nervous as to how it would go.

After all, $450 is a chunk of change, and I hoped it was going to get done right.

Imagine soaking in this tub with some bubbles and a glass of wine.

I think it turned out AMAZING. What do you think?!

In addition, after having dealt with the toilet we had put in, mainly seeing that it often took two flushes to get things down, I decided to bite the bullet and get a low-flow, high capacity, skirted toilet – the same as what I had placed in our own main floor bathroom after my elderly dad destroyed the other one.

And while I still cannot wrap my head around how in the world that toilet ended up looking so bad, it was a nice improvement to put in the new skirted toilet.

As a house cleaner, I appreciate easier to clean surfaces, and a skirted toilet means there are no annoying knobs to clean around. Nothing to catch hair, dirt, et cetera. It’s dual-flush aspect was very nice as well, allowing for less water usage since water costs continue to skyrocket here.

We haven’t put it in yet, but I’m crossing my fingers that my husband will get it done while I’m gone in Las Vegas next week.

Hm, perhaps I should do more than just cross fingers…perhaps issue an edict?!

The Smell of Gas?

It’s never good when a guest smells gas and is concerned. In fact, so concerned that they book another location and want a full refund for two nights.

When I arrived, just moments after they had sent a message saying they were booking somewhere else and left, I entered Cottage West and smelled…nothing.

Which isn’t to say that the gas smell wasn’t there, just that I didn’t smell it. They had aired the house out a bit, though, and it was apparently enough to remove it from my range of smells, but not the wife’s.

We even called in the fire department – partially out of concern, and partially to cover our butts. The fire department found nothing out of the ordinary. They used their sensors to determine that the gas stove was not burning as cleanly as it could be, and suggested that a good tune-up would be a good investment.

I put myself in their shoes and issued the guest a full refund nonetheless. That hurt, though, because it was a two night stay. I doubt I will get a guest in for tomorrow, so it was a painful lesson.

We will get the stove tuned up and also turn it off, turning it on at guest request. After all, having the pilot on and burning wastes gas, hikes up our utility bills, and most guests won’t even want to use the oven! We have a microwave and toaster oven in addition to the stove, so guests have plenty of options.

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