A week blocked Off for improvements

I took a natural lull in between guests and blocked it off for some improvement and fixes to Cottage West.

This includes painting, caulking, and rebuilding the shower ring that one of our guests severely bent.


It also gave me a great excuse to create this beauty…

This is the entry table in the living room. It isn’t completely finished yet, but it is well on its way. This is only my third official decorative stain project, but wowza, it’s definitely going to be an eye-catcher!

As always, my mission is to create a fabulous place for people to stay. I want them to feel like they have gotten MORE than just a place to sleep, but a home that has visually interesting components that are welcoming and impressive.

And who knows, I might actually make some additional money at it as well. More on that in a minute.

Instead of adding a third bedroom to the upstairs attic, or making the basement into an additional Airbnb studio with separate entrance, I have a couple of new ideas for the spaces.

Attic Sound Studio

I need a place to record my writing into audio and the attic could serve as the perfect place. Instead of worrying about kids or family or dogs making noise at the worst time possible, or dealing with heat or cold up in the attic of our house, I could ask my husband to build me a basic sound studio (I’m sure he will be over the moon to deal with yet another “honey do” project, lol). The attic in Cottage West is within the heating and cooling envelope, so I wouldn’t have hot/cold issues while up there. I could simply record around the Airbnb guest schedule, thereby utilizing the space in down times.

Basement Work Room

I have been scouting out inexpensive furniture on Facebook Marketplace and considering upcycling them into pieces of art like the Tree of Life table above or my kitchen island design below.

I love my kitchen island!

So it makes sense to have an area that I can do this work in. I can work in the basement of Cottage West, even when guests are there, since there is a separate entrance and the basement has great lighting. It could even, with a little work, double as a showroom for the pieces once they are complete.

And if it doesn’t work out to sell them, well, I’ve got a great space for creating works of furniture art for the Cottages and our own home. And enough room that we could move any bigger equipment (table saws, etc) over and have room for a workbench for my husband to use for our own home projects!

I feel very lucky to have so much space to create in!

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