Phase One!

A few weeks ago, I pressed the BUY button and ordered a long list of must have’s for the Airstream… 10″ full size memory foam mattress Nature’s Head composting toilet fire extinguisher dish set smoke/carbon monoxide detector electric space heater w/timer tankless water heater 100′ heated water hose Thanks to the help of a truly … [Read more…]

She Dreams of Airstream…AGAIN

It was the simplest of questions that changed my direction. In early fall, my daughter asked, “Mom, could we all take a family vacation next year?” She had visited her grandparents in California for a week, and later, my husband was able to fly out to see his parents over a long four-day weekend. Me? Heck, … [Read more…]

Then Again, Maybe?

I’m a rather decisive person – but that doesn’t mean that I won’t re-visit decisions and re-evaluate their worth. And as my husband and I discussed the future front fence, we ran into a bit of a difference in opinion, which led to me questioning whether I really wanted to turn the two properties closest … [Read more…]

You First

No really, YOU first. I arrived at my client cleaning today and sighed in relief as the blast of air conditioning hit my face. I miss air conditioning. I miss it a lot. I mentioned my love of air conditioning to my client and she laughed and then asked me when we might get central … [Read more…]

A New Vision

We roll with the punches around here. I think it is in my DNA, honestly. And when the new rules for Airbnb properties in Kansas City came down, I decided for various reasons, that focusing on turning Cottage West and Cottage East into bed and breakfast properties was simply no longer viable. And frankly? Turning them … [Read more…]

Thanks, But No Thanks

I guess, when it really comes down to it, I’m a libertarian at heart. Not entirely, but I really REALLY don’t like the legislation that was handed down by the city on Airbnb properties. So much so that my focus has turned to renovating the two cottages into rental properties, not Airbnb properties. A recent … [Read more…]

Last Push Before Winter

Quiet = Work I know I’ve been rather quiet since the roof was done on Cottage East. You might have thought that I wasn’t doing anything much. And except for moving hundreds of bricks, here, there, and everywhere – aieeee, my aching back! On a side note: I went in to see the chiropractor yesterday. “Oh … [Read more…]

The Roof, The ROOF!!!!

  The Cottage East needs a lot of work. That said, it is going to take time. The biggest concern right now for us is getting the structure stabilized and Codes off of our backs. To do this, we needed three things completed in short order: A new roof – layers upon layers of roofing … [Read more…]

She Dreams of Airstream

This past weekend we worked our patoots off to get the yard as ready as possible for the Airstream. We have built approximately 120 feet of fence and have another 24-32 feet to go. We also have made space for two spacious driveway gates – driveway west near Cottage West and a wide driveway on … [Read more…]